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Recycling Collection & Compost Site

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Compost Center – Recycling Drop Off Site

Location: 902 Lake Avenue, Burlington, NJ 08016

Compost Site/Recycling Center hours:
Wednesday – 11:30 am to 3:00 pm
Thursdays and Friday – 7:30 am to 3:00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays – 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

The Compost Site is open to Burlington Township Residents Only; no commercial establishments. Proof of Residency is required at the gates.

The intended scope of service of this facility is to provide residents with an additional means of disposal for a reasonable amount of items from your property only. The gate attendants may require residents to find an alternate means of disposal for large quantities that may exceed or burden our capacity.

Please remember that all items disposed of at this facility become the property of Burlington Township, i.e. paints, metal, plastics, computers, electronics, etc. and cannot be taken from this site by the general public.

Free mulch, Fill Dirt, Topsoil and Firewood is available at the Compost Site for residents.

Acceptable Items:
Normal household recyclables, paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastic bottles, used motor oil and anti-freeze, clothing donations, used books, appliances, recyclable batteries, paint, grass, leaves, limbs, metal, wood, treated wood, tires, bulky rigid plastics, computers (only flat screen monitors)

Televisions are accepted at the Compost Center.  

Burlington Township Recycling and Miscellaneous Disposal Information 

Recycling Program – Burlington County
Burlington County Regional Recycling Program
Curbside Recycling Hotline
609-267-6889 or Email
Every other Friday, Township-wide, our curbside recyclables are collected by Burlington County (see below brochure for holiday schedule). Recycling carts must be placed curbside by 6:00 a.m.

2023-24 Recycling Brochure – Single Stream Information, Recycling Calendar, Changes on What and How to Recycle

As of September 2014, Single-stream recycling began for Burlington Township. See the Burlington County Recycling webpage for the latest detailed information on what to recycle and how to prepare it for pick-up. (

The County Recycling is having an issue with wrong materials being placed in the Recycling Carts causing issues at the Recycling Plant.  Please read the violation sticker being left on carts here Recycling Violation.

Residents helped save $186,642 by participating in curbside Recycling in 2022, 4,214,100 pounds of Recycling. 

Recycling Collection “Misses”
If you missed the recycling trucks or just forgot recycling day, you may drop off the items at the Burlington Township Compost/Recycling Center during drop off hours.

Recycling Collection “misses” or complaints about Recycling Collection should be directed to the Burlington County OTC Recycling Hotline: 609-267-6889 or Email

Branch Collection
Burlington Township's curbside branch collection schedule is as follows: 2024 Branch Collection Schedule

Branches must be placed to the curb line prior to the starting date scheduled in your section since the truck will on go through each street one time. If you have any tree stumps or large tree trunk pieces or questions please contact the Public Works Office at 609-239-5909.

Residents also have the option of taking branches to the Compost Site Facility at 902 Lake Avenue during drop off hours.

Leaf Collection

Burlington Township’s curbside Spring Loose Leaf Collection is scheduled between March 25, 2024 and May 3, 2024.  Leaves in bags or containers can not be collected but can be taken to the Compost Site on Lake Avenue.  Loose leaves, no branches or twigs, must be placed at the curb before March 25, 2024.

New Jersey Storm Water Regulations prohibited the placement of leaves closer than 10 feet from storm drains.

Thank you and if you have any questions please contact the Public Works Office 609-239-5909.

Grass Clippings Collection

Curbside grass clipping collection is no longer provided.  Grass can not be put in regular trash. 

Grass clippings may be delivered to the Compost Center on Lake Avenue during drop off hours.

Burlington Township encourages the return of grass clippings to the lawn:
Collection and disposal of grass is expensive and takes up valuable landfill space. One thousand square feet of bluegrass lawn generates about 200 pounds of clippings annually; 75 percent or 150 pounds of this is water. Leave clippings on the lawn for healthier grass. Clippings break down quickly and encourage beneficial microorganisms and earthworms. Nutrients in the clipping are recycled into the lawn, promoting steady grass growth. Clippings left on the lawn means no bagging and hauling, saving both human and fuel energy.

More information here Grass Clipping Collection Discontinued


If you have any questions regarding our collections, please contact the Burlington Township Public Works Office at 609-239-5909. 

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