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1/4/2018 - Winter Storm - Snow Regulations

Dear Burlington Township Residents:

Snow Regulations

 Burlington Township Ordinance 520-13 stipulates regulations regarding snow removal.  Any owner, occupant, or tenant of premises abutting or bordering upon any street in Burlington Township, shall remove all snow and ice from the abutting sidewalks of such streets and from any fire hydrant located on the property, or in the case of ice, which is so frozen as to make removal impracticable, shall be thoroughly covered with sand or ashes, within twelve (12) hours of daylight after the same shall fall or be formed. 

If the accumulation of snow is 4" or more, all vehicles must be removed from the Township roadways and right of ways to provide easy access for removal. 
No snow, which accumulated on private property, shall be thrown upon any street in the Township. 
Basketball apparatuses or any miscellaneous objects must be removed from curbline. 

Please allow for streets to be plowed prior to opening driveway aprons.  Township is not responsible to clear in front of mailboxes. 
Thank you for your cooperation, and please contact Public Works at 609-239-5909 with any questions.