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The Burlington County Department of Health has confirmed thirteen (13) cases of the COVID-19 virus in Burlington Township.  Eleven (11) of those cases have been identified in the last four (4) days.   This is not unanticipated development due to the predicted rapid increase in the number of positive cases from the spread of the virus and more individuals having access to testing for the virus. 

The infected individuals are under the care of the appropriate physicians and medical personnel.  As has been their practice, the County Department of Health will be investigating and tracing the activities of all diagnosed individuals in order to provide more information to those who may have been in close proximity to those infected.

From the public information available, the virus does not discriminate based upon age or gender.   Of the thirteen (13) confirmed cases, there are two (2) cases of those under 35, seven (7) cases of those between 35-45, three (3) cases of those between 45-55 and one (1) case of those above 55.  There are eight (8) confirmed cases among females and five (5) cases among males.

Our community appears to have started up the “curve” that health officials have been describing for weeks.  No demographic group seems to be immune to the effects of the virus.   If we hope to soften the curve and mitigate the spread of the virus, it is now most important to Stay at Home as outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order #107, practice social distancing and continue to practice the health care professionals recommended five steps to mitigate personal exposure to the virus.  
Municipal Court sessions are suspended through April 26, 2020.  Municipal Court functions will continue pursuant to the directive of the Administrative Offices of the Court.   If you have any questions or require the assistance of Court Staff, please contact the Court Administrator at (609) 239-5825.   If you wish to pay a traffic ticket, payments can be made via the link on the website

There are volumes of information available to residents and businesses.   As we receive information from the Federal, State and County government, the Administration is compiling a list of information/resources available to our residents and business, with links to those resources,  that will be posted on the Township website.   A preliminary list of those resources is included with this update.

The Endeavor Emergency Squad services all of Burlington Township.  The staff of Endeavor is the first to our door when there is a medical emergency.  They show up without fail.  In these unprecedented times, Endeavor is in great need of the community’s help.  Like many organizations and businesses, their annual budget does not account for the potential of a global pandemic.  The COVID-19 outbreak has required them to use their resources at an alarming rate.

Endeavor is on the front lines battling Coronavirus and caring for our loved ones.  Please consider donating to them the following items or click here ( to give directly.
 -- N95 Masks
 -- Eye Protection (safety glasses)
 -- Lysol/Clorox cleaning and disinfecting products
 -- Bottled or canned drinks

We thank our residents for their cooperation in implementing the recommended every day prevention measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. As we continue efforts to Flatten the Curve, we ask that you continue to be vigilant in following the five recommended steps to mitigate the spread of the virus:
 1.  Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly;
 2.  Maintain social distancing (6 feet away);
 3.  Avoid touching your face particularly your eyes nose and mouth;
 4.  Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze
 5.  STAY HOME.  If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, seek and call your physician.

When in the company of others or out for any of the exceptions permitted in Executive Order #107, you are reminded to stay six (6) feet apart from other people and avoid groups of more than ten (10) people.

Any updates or additional information will be posted on the Burlington Township website and circulated via NIXLE.  The School District has also circulated these updates through the Falcon Flyer.


Brian J. Carlin, Mayor
Diane Flannery, Dawn Bass, Jodi Botlinger, Acting Co-Administrators


I. State of New Jersey Information/Resources:
Comprehensive State of New Jersey COVID19 website:
CDC website:
Executive Order 107:

II. State and County Health Department Information/Resources:
New Jersey Department of Health:

III. Information/Resources for Residents:
General Information:
State of New Jersey Jobs and Hiring Portal:

State of New Jersey Mortgage Payment Relief, Financial Protections for New Jerseyans Facing Economic Hardship as a Result of COVID-19: The borrower should contact their lender to make arrangements it is not automatic.

Food assistance for families:

IV. Information/Resources for Business:
General business information:

NJEDA Announces New Initiatives to Support Businesses Impacted by COVID-19:
Details including eligibility requirements are available at: