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The Burlington County Department of Health has advised that we have a second confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus in Burlington Township. The Township First Responders and the
County have been taking extraordinary care in responding to each positive case to insure the safety of the patient, the first responders and the community. Due to HIPAA and privacy
considerations, there is not any more information available other than what has been released by the Department of Health.

The infected individual is under the care of the appropriate physicians and medical personnel.  As has been their practice, the County Department of Health will be investigating and tracing the
activities of all diagnosed individuals in order to provide more information to those who may have been in close proximity to those infected.

After further review, the order to close all Parks, Playgrounds and Recreation facilities is being modified. Effective March 24, 2020, all Playgrounds and Recreation Facilities, including, but
not limited to restrooms, the Gazebo and Pavilions will be closed until further notice. The walking paths and open spaces will remain open.

Over the past week, our residents have responsibly used the park, walking trails and open spaces to walk, jog or otherwise exercise while practicing social distancing, and we trust that our
residents will continue that practice. We ask that while using the trails and open spaces, continue to avoid congregating in even small groups and maintain the six foot social distancing
perimeter while walking, jogging or engaging in other outdoor activities in the Park. We also ask residents to refrain from organizing pick-up or organized games at the Township Athletic
fields and courts.

We thank our residents for their cooperation in implementing the recommended every day prevention measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19. We ask that you continue to remain
vigilant in following the five recommended steps to mitigate the spread of the virus:

1. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly;
2. Maintain social distancing (6 feet away);
3. Avoid touching your face particularly your eyes nose and mouth;
4. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze
5. Stay home if you do not feel well. If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, seek and call your physician. 

Please note that even with the “Stay at home order” the importance of social distancing cannot be
stressed enough. You are reminded to stay six (6) feet apart from other people and avoid groups
of more than ten (10) people.

Any updates or additional information will be posted on the Burlington Township website and
circulated via NIXLE. The School District has also circulated these updates through the Falcon


The Burlington Township Compost & Recycling Center is closed until further notice.

Brian J. Carlin, Mayor
Jodi Botlinger, Diane Flannery, Dawn Bass, Acting Co-Administrators