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The Department of Health has advised that we have our first confirmed case of the COVID-19 Virus in Burlington Township. There have been other confirmed cases in Florence Township, Evesham Township, and Delanco Township.  Given all of the information available about the spread of this virus, this is not an unanticipated development. 
The Township, County, Department of Health and Office of Emergency Management have been preparing for just such an event.  Due to HIPPA regulations and privacy concerns, there is not any more information available other than what has been released by the Department of Health.
The infected individual is under the care of the appropriate physicians and medical personnel.  As has been their practice, it is anticipated that the County Department of Health will be investigating and retracing the activities of all diagnosed individuals in order to provide information to those who may have been in close proximity to those infected.  
As the virus has made its way into our community, it is now pertinent that we remain vigilant in following the five recommended steps to mitigate the spread of the virus:  
1. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly;
2. Maintain social distancing (6 feet away);
3. Avoid touching your face particularly your eyes nose and mouth;
4. Cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze;
5. Stay home if you do not feel well.  If you have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing, seek and call your physician. 
Please note the importance of social distancing cannot be stressed enough.  As this situation progresses, cabin fever is going to set in and no matter what your age, the need to get out of the house will become overwhelming.  While it is preferred that we all remain in our homes during this time, the reality is if you do feel the need to go out, please limit contact with others.  Please stay six (6) feet apart and avoid groups of more than ten (10) people.
If you need additional information about these mitigations steps, please refer to the CDC website: , New Jersey Department of Health: and the Burlington Township School District website:
Brian J. Carlin, Mayor
Diane Flannery, Dawn Bass, Jodi Botlinger, Acting Co-Administrators